We offer a following list of typical professional services

Architectural Design

  • Significant site Designs
  • Comprehensive Master planning
  • 3D Auto CAD visualization
  • Exacting Documentation
  • Integrated waterway Planning, Planting , Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Planning


Execution of Landscape contracts includes Hardscape and softscape work.

Various hardscape contract works includes

  • Ornamental stone wall
  • Stylish swimming pool and infinity pools
  • Cascades. Fountains and Biological pond
  • Wooden pergola, Gazebo and Hightensile structure
  • Barbeque
  • Fibre and metal statues
  • Drive way, Walkway, Car parking and landscaping lighting etc.

Softscape contract works includes

  • Lawn and planting works
  • Pop up and drip irrigation
  • Vertical garden system
  • Terrace garden etc